The Village Voice

"Witty and BeautifulBokeh Finds Americans Making a Vacation of the End Times."

"Bokeh is intimate, expansive storytelling from people who can do a lot with two actors and an empty city."

The Verge

"A gorgeous indie science fiction film explores the quietest apocalypse."

Los Angeles Times

"A young couple’s Icelandic vacation turns into an existential mystery in the admirably stripped-down Bokeh, a sci-fi drama without all the explanatory “sci.”"


"Bokeh holds attention with polish and resourcefulness."

Chicago Tribune

"Bokeh turns the notion of the apocalypse into a philosophical exploration of the meaning of life."

The New York Observer


"The writing and co-direction, by the team of Geoffrey Orthwein and Andrew Sullivan, is so careful and revelatory that the viewer shares in every scene, and Matt O’Leary and Maika Monroe, the two actors who dominate every frame of the picture, are so attractive and intelligent that you can’t wait to know them better."

"Bokeh Is devastatingly beautiful and beautifully devastating."

Film School Rejects

Film Journal International

A contemplative Malick-like drama that leans heavily on its Iceland locations and the genuine chemistry between its two young actors.