Secrets of a Scripty (Script Supervisor)

“Was he holding the backpack in his right or left hand or both?”

I was the script supervisor on Bokeh, the role also known as “scripty”. It was my job to preserve the illusion for my audience that the entirety of our storyline was shot in a chronological sequence.

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A Whirlwind Tour

Iceland is remarkable. From geography to meteorology, it transforms nearly every 30 minutes. So instead of booking a vacation to tour around this beautiful country, we decided to make a movie as an excuse to explore its incredible landscape.

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First Money Spent

When transitioning from screenplay development to preproduction, a producer is constantly trying to determine what is real progress and what is perceived progress. A lot of good conversations, a lot of research, a lot of pitching your vision to potential crew and investors doesn't make the actuality of your film any more real. What makes this production real? Spending actual dollars, making commitments that you can't back out of.

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Creativity In Constraints

On July 2nd, I sent my writing and directing partner an idea for what would become Bokeh. We had worked on various scripts, treatments, ideas, but nothing became more than the words on paper. We were pursuing a couple of documentary ideas, but again, we were relying on other people's permission to make something. You can get addicted to waiting for other people to get back to you, it makes it seem like there is progress, that there is potential, but usually a maybe is just a delayed no and a lack of response is just a lack of interest.

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