Maika Monroe and Matt O’Leary Starring in Bokeh


Reykjavik, Iceland – May 26, 2014 – Maika Monroe (Labor Day, At Any Price, Bling Ring) and Matt O’Leary (Eden, The Lone Ranger, Brick) are set to star in Bokeh, an indie, sci-fi drama set in Iceland.

Bokeh asks the question: Can love last when everything else is gone?

On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple wake up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared. Their struggle to survive and to reconcile the mysterious event lead them to reconsider everything they know about themselves and the world.

Doug Daulton, Kent Genzlinger and Briene Lermitte are producing for Zealous Pictures with Reykjavik-based Vintage Pictures’ Hlin Johannesdottir and Birgitta Björnsdottir co-producing.

Dirk Junge is the Executive Producer. Emily Schweber cast the picture.

Bokeh is the first feature film for writer/directors Geoffrey Orthwein and Andrew Sullivan.

Monroe was the indie darling of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for her turn as Jay in David Robert Mitchell’s provocative horror film, It Follows.

O'Leary starred in SXSW Audience Award winners, Eden and Fat Kid Rules the World.  He also won the "Breakthrough Performance" award at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival for Natural Selection.

Principal photography on Bokeh begins in Reykavik, Iceland this June.

About Zealous Pictures

Andrew Sullivan and Geoffrey Orthwein created Zealous Pictures in order to develop compelling and relevant content. BOKEH is their first feature film. They are working on the screenplay for their second film, aiming to go into production in 2015.